Year: 2018


Duration: 27 minutes


 Eagle Rock Films in association with

Cactus Eyelash  for Eagle Rock Entertainment



Supervising Producer: Peter Worsley

Producer: Mike Park

Executive Producers:

Geoff Kempin & Terry Shand


Directors: Jerry Henry & Eric Coleman 

Staying Dangerous is the world’s introduction into the complex facets of YG.  It’s an ode to the realities of his upbringing in Compton, CA to his success as an artist, entrepreneur and father.

Gang culture has become part of the normal narrative for a genre of music that was exposed to its origins from N.W.A.  Varied narrators relent over of the origin and meaning behind the title of his third studio album. Stay Dangerous is a state of mind bringing clarity to its political and even intellectual levels.

Through a visual and sonically complex journey, we are given a rare glimpse into YG’s life. His deep rooted Blood ties, fashion sense, business ethic and electric performances all guide this film.

YG is charismatic and faces the conundrum of how to navigate the polar duality of the worlds he lives in. This experience is as personal as a diary for an artist with a collective rage.

Stay Dangerous applies to all aspects of his life and is a monologue about the merits of danger. It forces him to take a leap of faith and continues to drive his ambition. 

Image courtesy of Eagle Rock