Year: 2015

Eagle Rock Films for Blackmore Productions Limited

and Eagle Rock Entertainment


Director & Producer: Alan Ravenscroft

Editor: Matthew Longfellow

Associate Producer: Drew Thompson

Supervising Producer: Peter Worsley & Lindsay Brown

Executive Producers: Geoff Kempin & Terry Shand

“He spent his life looking for the perfect line up and even when he found it he wasn’t satisfied” At last this edgy explosive fireball of a guitarist breaks his silence to tell us the story of his journey from seaside Weston-super-Mare to the stadiums and stages of the world – and it’s not a tale for the faint-hearted! 

He tells us about his long and fiery creative partnership with Ian Gillan and Deep Purple, of the frequent comings and goings that fuelled the success of Rainbow and of the convictions and passions that have powered him through some of Rock’s stormiest waters.

An academic “also ran” at school he swore to confound his critics by mastering the guitar – and we follow him on this quest through 60’s London to Montreux where he wrote the killer riff for Smoke on The Water, to California where he literally set the stage on fire, to the episode that earned him prison time in Vienna, to the country cottage where he axed down Roger Glover’s door, to the first Monsters of Rock Festival and the previously untold saga of Graham Bonnet’s hair before we arrive at the romantic US football match encounter that took his musical and personal life in a whole new direction. He tells us about his many million seller journey with humour, honesty and candid personal insight. As Gene Simmons observes “He wasn’t it in for the money or the chicks – he was in it for the music” - a staggering musical talent here recognized and revered by everyone from Brian May, Steve Vai and Lars Ulrich to Joe Satriani, Phil Collen, Gene Simmons and Steve Lukather. We also hear from past band members including David Coverdale, Graham Bonnet and Jo Lynn Turner and find out how Ritchie overcame his demons to achieve his very personal stardom. “Don’t mess with Ritchie” – that’s probably still good advice, but after watching this at least you’ll know what makes this musical time bomb tick.