PHIL COLLINS Interview 05.jpg

Year: 2010

Eagle Rock Films


Duration: 60 minutes




                            Editor: Matthew Longfellow


Supervising Producer: Peter Worsley


Executive Producers:

Terry Shand & Geoff Kempin

Written, Produced, And Directed by:

Alan Ravenscroft

Genesis hit machine Phil Collins teams up with three original Detroit session guitarists to recreate the original Motown Sound for his new album “Going Back”.


We follow Phil’s musical journey from rediscovering the music at rehearsals in Switzerland to performing it on the stage of the Roseland in New York.


The programme includes interviews with the three Funk Brothers session men, Bob Babbit, Eddie “Chank” Willis and Ray Monette. What was so special about the Motown Sound? What was the secret of Berry Gordy’s musical hit factory? What is the musical legacy of Motown and why is Phil so obsessed by this music? Can he recreate the potent chemistry of Motown Studio A?