Year: 2013

Eagle Rock Films


Duration: 59 minutes 




Editor: Matthew Longfellow

Associate Producers: 

Peter Worsley & Joss Crowley


Executive Producers: 

Terry Shand & Geoff Kempin


Produced & Directed:

Alan Ravenscroft



One of 28 Episodes of this series produced by Eagle Rock Films, this film tells the story of a “fear no-one” band of Brits who built a new wave of heavy metal out of the crumbling ruins of punk and punched and sound blasted their way through half a century of 24/7 Babylon, led by their fearsome “warts and all” vocalist and bass player Lemmy Kilmister.


Their musical and personal journey has been punctuated by a succession of fatal tragedies that would have stopped most bands in their tracks like a slammed metal door. But this is Motorhead – they don’t do “stopping”.