Year: 2010

Eagle Rock Films


Duration: 60 Minutes 




Supervising Producers: Alan Ravenscroft & Peter Worsley


Executive Producers: Terry Shand & Geoff Kempin


Written by: Joe Cushley


Director: Christopher Walker

The blues is one of America's great gifts to the world of music, a groundbreaking musical genre born in the Mississippi Delta over a hundred years ago.


Jazz was perhaps the first great American art form of the 20th Century and Soul had its roots in the 1950s when two forms of African-American music came together in an unlikely, and sometimes unwilling, alliance.


In this series Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman – a Memphis native himself – invites us to his club, Ground Zero in Clarksdale Mississippi. From there he traces the history of these mesmerising sounds. The series mixes documentary and performance whilst retracing the roots of American music and features performances at Montreux from such legendary artists as Muddy Waters, Ray Charles, Miles Davis, Al Green, Carlos Santana and Eric Clapton.

From Left to Right: Chris Walker, Alan Ravenscroft, Simon Fanthorpe, Morgan Freeman, Glen Bates, Bill Luckett

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