On February 9th 2016, In front of 20,000 adoring fans, her biggest arena audience yet, Ellie Goulding delivered a mesmerising and dynamic set highlighting the incredible artist that she has become.

The film captures the energy and vibrance of the show as it journeys through all the different sides of Ellie from her immense pop hits to intimate stripped back acoustic moments, including a rare special performance of “Lights”. For the first time surrounded by bold choreography and backed by an immersive light and video show Ellie smoulders as she delivers hit after hit to a captivated audience.

The energy of Hits including - “Something in the way you move”, “Army”, “On my mind “Anything could happen”,”Burn” And “love me like you do” is captured wonderfully on film highlighting that there is no let up in Ellie Goulding's continued rise to Pop superstardom, while showcasing her incredible raw talent and musicianship.

Year: 2016

An Eagle Rock Film Production



Director and editor: Ed Coleman


 Producer: Jeremy Azis


Director of Photography: Eugene O'Connor


Supervising Producer: Peter Worsley


Executive Producers: Terry Shand & Geoff Kempin