Deep Purple - Behind the Music

Hard rock and heavy metal pioneers Deep Purple were made famous by Smoke On The Water, their hit song about the imfamous fire which destroyed the Montreux Casino during a Frank Zappa concert in 1971, and there were more fiery crises ahead... From their traumatic brush with fascist Indonesia which left a band bodyguard dead and Ritchie Blackmore's obsession with séances, pointy hats and spells, to the night his hair caught fire at California Jam and an impressive rock-star sprinkling of drugs, divorse, hissy fits and resignations. Still on the road almost 40 years later, this is the story of Deep Purple - always deep but never dull.


Year: 2014

Duration: 50 minutes




Executive Producers

Terry Shand

Geoff Kempin


Supervising Producers

Alan Ravenscroft

Peter Worsley



Matthew Longfellow


Produced & Directed By

Joss Crowley


Production Coordinator

Laura Hartley